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During Mobility


• We advise you to make full use of all training opportunities in the host institution/enterprise, observing their rules and regulations, and to make every effort to successfully pass all exams or other forms of assessment.

• The host institution/enterprise is committed to treating you in the same way as its students/staff and you need to make every effort to fit into your new environment.
• You can use the opportunities offered by the networks of mentors and “friends”, if any, in the host institution/company.

Watch the video to become familiar with ESN


• The host institution WILL NOT ask you to pay semester fees, registration fees, exams or access to laboratory facilities and libraries during your mobility period. You may be required to pay a small fee, on the same basis as local students, in connection with insurance costs, student unions and the use of teaching materials or equipment.
Your scholarship or student loan, in the sending country, is retained during your stay abroad.

• You can request changes to the learning agreement only in exceptional circumstances and within the time limit set by the sending and receiving institution. You must ensure that these changes are accepted by both the sending and the receiving institution within two weeks of submitting the request and keep a copy of their approval. Any request for an extension of the mobility period must be submitted at least one month before the expiry of the period originally provided.