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What is a student mobility for studies?

A mobility for studies within the framework of Erasmus+ provides students with the opportunity to not only develop valuable academic skills, but to expand their horizons by going abroad to study or undertake training within their own chosen fields of study. 

As a student, the Erasmus + Programme allows you to have a period of mobility for the purpose of studying in your specialty at another higher education institution abroad. The study period is carried out within one or two semesters and lasts from minimum 2 to maximum 12 calendar months in an academic year.

When can I apply for a student mobility for studies? 

Students can apply for an Erasmus+ mobility period for studies only when a call for applications is announced by the International Relations Office at SWU – this is typically done two times a year.

All applications are submitted online via the integrated application platform, available under the “Apply Now” section of our “Outgoing Students” tab. 

The call for application is announced on the home page of our website, on the frontline of our university website, as well as on our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Information about our calls for applications are also available on the Facebook page of SWU’s Student Council.  

We regularly organize two info-day presentations during the call for application. These info-days are carried out in person at our main university campus building, as well as streamed online via BigBlueButton. 

Are there any fees when carrying out an Erasmus+ mobility for studies? 

Students who are undergoing an Erasmus+ mobility for studies do not pay academic (semester) tuition fees at the hosting university. Access to university libraries, laboratories, as well as other study-related facilities are also typically free. 

According to the program regulations, it is permissible, however, to pay small fees to the host university for insurance, participation in student clubs, use of support materials (photocopies, laboratory materials, etc.) on the same grounds as they are paid by the students of the host university.

If you receive a scholarship at SWU, you maintain the right to keep the scholarship during your Erasmus+ exchange. Your student rights also remain unchanged during your Erasmus+ mobility. 

Your only financial obligation is to pay your tuition fee for the relevant semester here at SWU. 

What can Erasmus+ offer you as a student?

Better job opportunities: As an Erasmus student, you will enrich your CV to show your prospective employer that you have the qualities they are looking for – you do not have to worry about coping with challenges, you can quickly adapt to a new environment, you can understand and build relationships with people from different cultures.

Student Life: The Erasmus + Programme gives you the chance to learn what it means to be a student in another country not only on an academic but also on a personal level. Through this experience you will find the similarities and differences with life in Bulgaria and you will learn from them.

Adventure: Wherever you go, one thing is for sure – it will be an adventure! Living in a foreign country is completely different from being a tourist. It’s about discovering and understanding a new way of life, learning to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds, and building lasting friendships.

Self-improvement: Life and learning in another country is a challenge. You will have to deal with new situations. By overcoming obstacles and learning to manage your own life in another culture will build your confidence and autonomy – important qualities for your self-improvement.

Fun, fun, fun: lots of fun, new friends and lots of new emotions. The Erasmus + programme is undoubtedly an experience that is worth it.

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Petya Hadzhieva

Erasmus+ coordinator 


Stanislav Grozdanov

Erasmus+ coordinator