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Faculty of Public Health, Healthcare and Sports


(i) Kinesitherapy, (ii) Logopedics, (iii) Nurses, (iv) Midwifery, (v) Sports (vi) Social Work

Faculty of Arts


(i) Fashion, (ii) Fine arts, (iii) Culture and media, (iv) Digital Technologies in Music, (v) Music, (vi) Choreography, (vii) Film and TV production, (viii) Theater and Performing Arts, (ix) more

Faculty of Economics


(i) Business and Enterpreneurship, (ii) Accounting and financial control, (iii) Finance, (iv) International Business, (v) Economics in the Public Sphere, (vi) Business marketing and advertising, (vii) Tourism

Faculty of Pedagogy


(i) Pre-school and Primary School Education, (ii) Primary School Education and Foreign Languages, (iii) Pre-school Education and Foreign Languages, (iv) Social Pedagogy, (v) Special Pedagogy, (vi) Physical Education and Sports, (vii) Pedagogy and Educational Management, (viii) Technology and Enterpreneurship

Faculty of Engineering


(i) Electronics, (ii) Information and Communication Technologies, (iii) Computer Systems and Technologies, (iv) Intelligent Business Solutions and Logistics, (v) Pedagogy of education on technologies and entrepreneurship, (vi) Design and Technologies in Clothing and Textile

Faculty of Law and History


(i) Law, (ii) History and Archaeology, (iii) Archives and Cyber Security, (iv) International Relations, (v) Public Administration, (vi) National Security

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


(i) Chemistry, (ii) Medicinal Chemistry, (iii) Chemistry and physics, (iv) Mathematics, (v) Physics, (vi) Informatics, (v) Geography and Regional Policy, (vi) Ecology and Environmental Protection

Faculty of Philology


(i) English Philology, (ii) English and Ethnology, (iii) English: translation and communication, (iv) Bulgarian Philology, (v) Applied Linguistics (ENG + DE + GR + FR), (vi) Pedagogy of teaching Bulgarian and foreign languages

Faculty of Philosophy


(i) Sociology, (ii) Philosophy, (iii) Psychology, (iv) Political Sciences