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South-West University Neofit Rilski


Erasmus+ mobility of academics improves teaching and learning practices, staff skills and competencies.

• 43% of academic staff who went to teach or train abroad with Erasmus+ started to use at least one new innovative teaching method (such as work-based learning) during their stay abroad.
• They connect more with the labour market, with 60% involving staff from enterprises in their courses, compared to 40% of non-mobile academics.
• The impact of Erasmus+ on innovative curriculum development and modern teaching practices spreads beyond participants. More than 80% of academics report that Erasmus+ has led to improvements in these areas in their faculty.

If you want to get involved in the Erasmus+ program, please choose one (or more) of our partners here and fill-in its name in the “Receiving Institution” section of the application form.


  1. PhD degree
  2. Full-time faculty member of SWU
  3. Language proficiency – at least B2 in English


The call for applications at SWU is organized twice a year. 

First regular selection – February-March

Second regular selection – October – November

All candidates who wish to apply for staff mobility for teaching must fill in the APPLICATION FORM

SWU has around 270 Erasmus+ agreements with more than 150 European institutions. To fill in the Application Form correctly, all candidates need to refer to our list of partner institutions.

The candidate should attach to their application form the following:

  1. Mobility agreement for teaching – signed by the receiving institution (if any)
  2. Invitation (if any)
  3. Language certificate (for those who apply for the first time)


Selection Criteria

According to our Internal Regulations (Вътрешни правила) SWU has three mandatory conditions for the candidates:

  1. To hold a PhD degree
  2. To be full-time teaching members of SWU
  3. To be proficient in English, at least B2 level

Other additional selection criteria:

  1. The candidate has not participated in the Erasmus  program before;
  2. The candidate has not been mobile in the last three years;
  3. The candidate is carrying out a mobility agreement within a new agreement signed during the last two calendar years;
  4. The candidate has actively participated in the work of the Erasmus+ program;
  5. The candidate is a coordinator of bilateral agreements;
  6. Mobility will contribute to the development of new curricula/materials;
  7. Mobility will be used to strengthen and develop links between partner departments and to prepare future projects;


Eligible Countries

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Bulgaria*, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia

The amount of grants awarded according to the countries to be visited is indicated in the published application announcements.

*Bulgaria is a programme country but is not eligible for carrying out mobilities in the country of origin.