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Prof. Gabriela Belova

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  • Public Law Sciences and Public Management
  • Civil Law and Sciences
  • National Security
  • International Law and International Relations
  • History
  • Public Relations

Welcome to the Faculty of Law and History

Dean of the Faculty


The Faculty of Law was founded in 1991. In accordance with the contemporary requirements of Higher Education. In 1999, the new Faculty of Law and History amalgamated the existing Faculty of Law, Faculty of History, the Department of Psychology, and the Department of Sociology. 

The Faculty of Law and History at SWU has had many years of rich history, which have made it an authoritative educational and research center. It has celebrated its 20th anniversary since its foundation, holding a conference under the auspices of the Minister of European Union Funds Tomislav Donchev. 

The necessary preconditions have  been created for implementing the requirements set by the University Erasmus+ charter, the Lisbon Contention and the Bologna Declaration for building a new European areas of higher education. There are good results in conformity with the curricula of the leading European Universities, implementation of the ECTS, issuance of Europass Diploma Supplement as well as expanding academic mobility. The philosophy of education at the Faculty of Law and History reflects the ambitions towards organizing a modern educational process. A crucial factor for the prosperity of the faculty in the 21st century as well as for the scientific and professional developments of the academic staff was the creation of an integrated faculty information infrastructure together with securing complete electronic services for students via the Internet. It provides direct access to plenty of valuable information of the faculty life. 

The Faculty of Law and History is constantly expanding its international activities under the motto “Open to the World”. Intensive and effective cooperation is being enhanced not only within the framework of the European Union, but also beyond the scope of EU. The Faculty of Law and History is an active participant in the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission and takes part in many research projects in the frameworks of the Criminal Justice Programme of the EU, INTERREG and COST. 

Bachelor Degree Programs:

I. History and archaeology

  • History
  • Archiving and information security
  • History and archaeology

II. Political Sciences

  • International Relations


III. Public Communications and Information Sciences

  • Public Relations

IV. Administration and Management

  • Public Administration

V. National Security

  • National Security

Master Degree Programs

I. History and archaeology

  • Archives and museums
  • Preservation of cultural heritage in the information society
  • History of Bulgarian lands in the context of
  • European development

II. Political Sciences

  • Diplomacy, digital society and security – full-time study 1 year /two semesters/
  • Diplomacy, digital society and security – full-time study 2 years /four semesters/
  • Southeast Europe in contemporary international relations
  • European integration

III. Public Communications and Information Sciences

  • Master’s program “Eco PR”
  • Public relations in business

IV. Administration and Management

  • Tax Administration
  • Healthcare Management
  • Territorial administration
  • Human resource Management

V. National Security

  • National Security
  • Cyber ​​security management and personal data protection
  • European security and border control

VI. Law

  • Law

PhD Programs

I. History and Archeology

  • Ancient history and trachology
  • Archaeology, incl. numismatics and epigraphy
  • Medieval general history
  • History of Bulgaria
  • New and recent general history
  • Documentary studies, archival studies, paleography, historiography and source studies

II. Public Communications and Information Sciences

  • Public relations
  • Application of new information technologies in PR


III. Law

  • Administrative Law and Administrative Process
  • Civil and Family Law
  • Labor Law and Social Security
  • International Law and International Relations
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Theory of the State and Law
  • Political and Legal Studies
  • Roman Law
  • Notary Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Law of the European Union

For more information about our Faculty of Law and History, please, follow the link: https://law.swu.bg/bg/