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Prof. Dragan Dordevic and Prof. Milan Mitic’s visit from University of Niš

During the period 1-5 April 🗓️, our Department of Chemistry hosted Prof. Dragan Dordevic and Prof. Milan Mitic from our dear partner University of Niš.

They conducted evidence-based research on natural and chemically modified zeolites from Bulgaria and Serbia 🧪. Their primary aim was to foster the exchange of scientific ideas with our professors and PhD students 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 and to present new horizons on the presented topics 🌐.

They actively contributed to the ongoing collaboration between the South-West University and the University of Niš 🤝. We have been working closely on mutually beneficial projects since 2022, including student and staff exchange within the Erasmus+ program 🎓.

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