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Letter of Intent for Traineeship DOWNLOAD

Letter of Intent for Traineeship DOWNLOAD

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An Erasmus+ letter of intent is a document that’s created between a prospective student and education or learning facility abroad and details the finer print surrounding the agreement. It is not a finite agreement – and often, an Erasmus+ letter of intent will include information that states the agreement will only be accepted if financing has been secured by one, or both parties involved. It might also include a deadline date, and if that date was not met, the agreement would fall through.

Usually, one party will create the letter of intent but before it’s signed, the other party will be able to amend it or draft a different letter of intent. The aim is that by the time the agreement is made, everyone is clear about the intentions, as outlined in the letter.

The benefit of a letter of intent is that it gives both parties protection and underlines the seriousness of the agreement. In fact, an Erasmus+ letter of intent offers significant protections to both parties. It forces each side to take the deal seriously, prevents wasted time and effort, and provides legal recourse if one party harms the other during the process of negotiation and closing.

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