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Exploring Angela Stankovska’s, Psychology, Life-Changing Erasmus Experience in Turin, Italy

Within project 2022-1-BG01-KA131-HED-000052717 of SWU, our Angela Stankovska studied one semester at University of Turin. Herewith, you can read her thrilling story. Enjoy!


I am Angela Stankovska – а psychology student at SWU. It’s my honor to share with you my experience as an Erasmus exchange student at the University of Torino located in Turin, Italy.

At the very beginning, I wouldn’t say that it was unplanned since living and studying in Italy has been my lifetime dream. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity and possibility to apply through the Erasmus office at SWU for this student mobility. I applied and got accepted. The preparation of the documents and the process itself before I departured lasted few months but I will undoubtly say: It was worth it! Who wouldn’t enjoy Italy? The country of fashion, pizza and of course espresso.

Let me start with Turin. Often hailed as the capital of the Piedmont region and historically the first capital city of Italy before Rome. Offers a captivating blend of historical grandeur and contemporary allure. Strolling through the city’s elegant boulevards, adorned with majestic Baroque architecture, I found myself enchanted by its timeless beauty. The city exuded an ineffable charm, there was something magical. I am not sure what I was more impressed by, the people and their culture or the palaces and the history itself. I never felt bored; there was always something new to see and visit. Last but not least the food, of course. Pizza, pasta, croissants are typical Italian things.

Let me dive into my academic experience. At the heart of Turin’s cultural tapestry lies its esteemed academic institution, one of the oldest the University of Turin. As an Erasmus student, I had the privilege of delving into the intellectual landscape of this historic university, renowned for its academic rigour and innovative research endeavors. Engaging with scholars and students from diverse backgrounds, I gained invaluable insights into Italy’s academic heritage while fostering intellectual growth and cross-cultural understanding.

I attended English program courses that were mainly focused on the combination of psychology with neuroscience, philosophy, sociology and physics. I was truly fascinated by their commitment to the researches, experiments and laboratories.

In the morning, I attended lectures, and later on, we would move into highly equipped, sophisticated, modern laboratories where we had chance to track and learn the brain and it’s activity through EEG. We did few virtual reality games with competitive character using the virtual glasses while having our heartbeats tracked. In the evenings, I attended an Italian language course. This would have been a typical day for me. Of course, I had free days to explore other places while having my glass of aperol and moment of appreciation.

Overall the experience was once in a lifetime and I believe it was at the right time for me. Turin provided a unique opportunity for academic enrichment, something that I am striving for and along the way I made new Erasmus friends that will stay close to my heart. I am a person who loves travelling, meeting other cultures and going out of the comfort zone. This was challenge and adventure at the same time but me being highly adaptive person made it easier, I got used to the “Italian” lifestyle really quickly. The dynamic of the city is fast, always on the run but I guess just being in Italy was a fair trade and reason not to complain.

These four months I afforded me the chance to strenghten the valuable life skills such as independence, adaptability, and resilience. Navigating life in a foreign country, away from the familiar comforts of home, can be weird at the beginning. Me embracing uncertainty, and confronting new experiences with an open mind and a spirit of adventure, showed me the capacity I had as a person. These experiences not only bolstered my confidence and self-reliance but also instilled in me a sense of resilience in the face of adversity—a quality that has proven invaluable in both my personal and professional life.

In essence, my experience as a student in Turin was a transformative journey that benefited me on the long run – privately and professionaly. An experience that left an indelible mark on my personal and intellectual development, shaping the person I am today and laying the foundation for a lifetime of continued growth and learning.

At the very end, I would like to encourage all of the students to grab every possibility they have and dive into the Erasmus program because it will be the best decision one can make especially us students. I am forever grateful for this month because I lived my dream and most importantly I returned as a new person. Happy, motivated, and empowered. It’s our sweetest duty – to study and travel, with Erasmus it is possible.

Disclaimer:  Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.

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