Welcome to South-West University's Erasmus+ Portal!

Dear student,

Thank you for choosing SWU as your destination for your unforgettable Erasmus+ experience! We believe that SWU is the right way to go!

We are pleased to invite you to spend a semester or maybe a whole academic year at our campus. Here you will not only experience the vibrant culture of Bulgaria but will delve deep into the unique historical heritage of our country.

At SWU you will be living and studying in a diverse community of international students from more than 20 countries.

Our home town is young, very green, cool and vibrant. Blagoevgrad is surrounded by cold alpine lakes, high peaks, all-year snow caps, unspoilt forests, mineral springs and resorts. It is a small but very fresh and ravishing place to live and study.

We look forward to sharing future memories together!

We are social!