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Exciting News! SWU has won the award Erasmus Without Paper Champions!

Letter to HEIs regarding the EWP champions

We are delighted and immensely proud to announce that SWU has been honoured with the esteemed title of Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) Champions. This recognition highlights our exceptional achievement and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the Erasmus program through digital innovation.

At SWU, we firmly believe in harnessing the power of technology to enhance international mobility and streamline administrative processes. Being awarded the EWP Champions title reaffirms our dedication to providing seamless, paperless experiences for our students, faculty, and staff participating in the Erasmus program.

We take great pride in our efforts to eliminate bureaucratic hurdles and simplify the exchange process for our students and partners. Through our cutting-edge digital infrastructure and robust systems, we have successfully transformed the way Erasmus operates at SWU, making it more efficient, accessible, and sustainable.

As EWP Champions, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing the Erasmus program through technological innovation. We will continue to push boundaries, explore new possibilities, and share best practices to inspire other institutions to adopt paperless solutions for a more streamlined and inclusive Erasmus experience.

Letter to HEIs regarding the EWP champions

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